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soo my thoughts........ [22 Jul 2006|11:50pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

so no one has to respond to this or anything i just wanted to say....

i think it is so sad that the thing that most people have against christianity isn't the fact that there may or may not be a God....that Jesus christ is or isn't the savior. Most people seem to have it out for the church. Some think that all they want is your money....or that its just currupt in all aspects. I'm the first to admit that I'm not perfect. Why do we put our faith in people... and the church...which i guess can be "people"...after all it says in the bible that "we've all fallen short of the glory of God". Nobody is perfect...this world is broken....we are broken...the church is a piece of this world...which makes it imperfect. It just really really bothers me that someone who has been hurt by the church in anyway talks crap about christians or turns their back on God. I feel like they never got it. its not about the church, its about Jesus Christ. Thats it. God made it so simple for us. He loves us so he sent his son to die for us...we have a missing peice in our lives and we won't feel whole until we have Jesus in it. Cause thats the way he created us...broken, becasue he had to...to want something to worship....to worship him...cause he's God and he deserves all the glory. I don't understand why it can't just be about him....thats what he wants. He wants us to love him becasue he Loves us so much....he doesn't need our love like we need him, but he wants it, which is even more amazing.

anyways i just wanted to say to anyone who has been hurt by the church...or anyone or anything for that matter....Everyone in this world is going to fail you, thats the way it is, but God never ever will, you may think he has failed you when something you want doesn't happen for you...but really God has a plan...a big one... for your life and he will never fail you.

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how I long to feel that christmas spirit in my heart. [22 Dec 2005|12:59pm]
[ mood | weird ]

I love Pretty Woman and I watch Dirty Dancing everytime it comes on TV. Am I cheesy? I've probably seen Dirty Dancing over 20 times...thats alot of times! and I never get tired of it...and I always have 'the time of your life' stuck in my head and wish that I could dance without falling on my face. But I can't so I watch movies and pretend its me.

It really doesn't feel like Christmas, maybe it will on sunday.
I wanna have another mork and mindy party.
I cut my hair, but I don't think you can tell.

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[11 Nov 2005|09:42pm]
[ mood | good ]

So Ms. Brady gave me an N in conduct from "singing in class". Its weird cause i'm not mad at all....you'd think i would be since its a stupid reason...but i'm really tickled by it. She is a funny/ weird lady. but i will refrain from saying anymore because i'm worried she will google her name and print this out and hand it to me on monday. ew I just shivered.

I have recently discovered something. There is a duct tape kid in every grade. I saw this kid in the hall way a few days ago and his backpack was made out of duct tape and it brought me back to the good ol' days when morilak would make things out of it and sell it. I remember he made a top hat, and shortly after he became the top hat kid. but i don't know what 'kid' he is now. Just matt i think.

What 'kid' am I ? I'm certainly not the duct tape kid....maybe just daphne? hm * deep thought *

OMG what if I'm that kid who sings show tunes during class?!! wait..thats judy. hahahhaha I love jupy!

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[24 Oct 2005|10:03pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Today I learned a dance for Oklahoma!

Today I learned I can't dance!

I love music specially when it invovles singing with Jackie and Chelc :o)...and blue grass.

Ben hasn't answered his phone in two days. The world has gone mad.

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ode to that notebook. [20 Jun 2005|04:04pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

I found out that sitting in a walmart parking lot in a car with the chairs reclined back....can be so amazing. At least if you are with the right person.

I love days when you are on a God is WAY cool kick. I think I am today. I love Jesus...so much that it makes me quote the supertones.

"I can never ever thank you enough, so heres my life for whatever its worth." I love this song.

Its so funny when you get really caught up in life and you just start worrying about silly things...its just not worth it. Trust in God and he'll get you through it. Its his plan anyway.

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"sounded like a scream, but it was a whisper." [07 Jun 2005|11:41pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

I saw mae. They were simply amazing, just captivating. I should really buy a cd...but i have no money. Its sad. I should have a job. But part of me really doesn't care. I still don't have my report card cause i never turned in candy money...so i wonder how i did on my chem final. Probably terrible. Oh well. I also wonder when i will drive. hmm I am now 17. *ponders* done.

Mar Mar told me my new shoes look like bread. ouch. I don't think they look like a slice of bread...i think they are lovely.

me and ben watched eternal sunshine...i think i understand it better now. so thats good.

i guess you can ask me about saturday, if you want.

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